Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Danish companies are promoted throughout the world

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has many functions. In addition to diplomacy and being Denmark’s political face to the outside world, the ministry also helps Danish companies connect with contacts abroad, thereby increasing exports of Danish goods to the whole world. One of the ways of doing this is to hold official business campaigns, where dignitaries from Denmark help to create relationships between participating Danish companies and the host country’s counterparts.

BGRAPHIC has developed the official design for the business campaigns and created a basic package consisting of ‘Save the date’ and official invitations, delegation brochures with information about the participating companies, a welcome folder, roll-up banners, pop-up displays, press walls, backdrops, name tags, exhibition stands, Word templates for programs and participant lists, table plans and a well-functioning PowerPoint template.

In close collaboration with the local embassy in the host country and participating Danish companies, we have designed and delivered all the elements from the basic package for every campaign, ensuring that the visual framework for the event is consistent, while adding special elements that are adapted to the specific needs of the individual campaign.

Today, the design is used on more than 25 campaigns on almost every continent. The business campaigns are typically organized through cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council etc.


Udenrigsministeriets Erhvervsfremstød save the date
Udenrigsministeriets erhvervsfremstød Invitation
Udenrigsministeriets erhvervsfremstød Invittationer
Udenrigsministeriets erhvervsfremstød
Udenrigsministeriets Erhvervsfremstød back drop
Udenrigsministeriets Erhvervsfremstød
Udenrigsministeriets erhvervsfremstød Invitation backdrops
Udenrigsministeriet Erhvervsfremstød
Udenrigsministeriet Erhvervsfremstød design guide