Copenhagen City School

Rebranding under construction

Copenhagen City School is in the process of a major branding process. They want to distinguish themselves as an international, well-established and professional school, and the natural choice for parents from Copenhagen’s inner districts.

First and foremost, the task has been to design a modern and well-functioning logo which, in graphic form and creative playfulness, tells the story of the school’s multicultural profile.

However, a logo does not always work alone – so quickly the logo has been incorporated into a full design programme, which enhances the school’s identity and expression, and which encapsulates their slogans “Curiosity”, “Engagement” and “Diversity”.

The beautiful design is currently unfolded on everything from web banners to street signs – and there are many more projects in the pipeline from their side. So what started with a logo has now become a complete re-branding in the making.