About us

BGRAPHIC’s office is placed in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. The design company was founded by Managing Director Birgitte Vestergaard in 2000.

Below you’ll find a list of our employees – all of whom have great experience and competencies within graphic design and communication. 

The keywords for our work are high professional standards, great guidance and excellent project management. We always have a great dialogue with our clients – and we involve and care for both clients and employees. We work on all assignments with exceptional and professional service.


Birgitte Vestergaard

Managing Director and Owner / bv@bgraphic.dk

Kathrine Raunkjær

Graphic Designer / kr@bgraphic.dk

Vivi Schack Andersen

Project Manager / vsa@bgraphic.dk

Kristian Skaarup

Project Manager / ks@bgraphic.dk

Jesper Winther

Graphic Designer / jw@bgraphic.dk

Sole Dalsgaard

Graphic Designer / sd@bgraphic.dk

Maria Knappe

Graphic Designer / mk@bgraphic.dk

Jørgen Møller

Graphic Designer and Web Programmer / jm@bgraphic.dk

Business Partners

We have many great business partners, so we can set a team and help you in any way you need.

We can for instance help you with copy writing in Danish and English, film production, PR and strategic communication, photography, events, web programming, accessibility, print etc.