Steno Diabetes Center Zealand

Strong circular expression for the treatment of diabetes

Steno Diabetes Center Zealand offers local service provision for the treatment of diabetes. It’s a decentralized center that develops and supports the treatment of diabetes at individual hospitals and health centers throughout Region Zealand.

BGRAPHIC developed the visual identity for Steno Diabetes Center Zealand across multiple platforms. The design is based on the basic elements of Region Zealand’s design, i.e., logo, fonts and color palette. We created a unique expression so that the center can communicate from its own platforms.

We developed the design for the following elements: logo, PowerPoint template, annual reports, Research Strategy 2020-2025, digital newsletter template, leaflets for patients and decals for the Diabetes bus. Steno Diabetes Center Zealand uses the bus to drive out to residential areas and nursing homes, allowing people greater access and to make it easier for them to get a check-up.

There’s a little twist to the graphics in that the circular element relates to the World Diabetes Day design. Read more here
Steno Diabetes Center logo
Steno Diabetes Center sjælland folder
STENo Visuel identitet årsberetning, nyhedsbrev
STENO Visuel identitet PowerPoint-præsentation
STENO Visuel identitet PowerPoint