Appealing and serious design for knowledge and research centre

ICARS – International Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance Solutions – is an independent international knowledge and research centre, whose focus is antimicrobial resistance and on transforming policy to practice by finding solutions and supporting the implementation of these solutions.

The new visual style for ICARS emphasizes the importance and seriousness of the topic. At the same time, the design needs to appeal to several target audiences: both low-income countries who in collaboration with ICARS will work on specific projects, and high-income countries, academics and foundations who can help support ICARS and the global fight against AMR financially, with partnerships or by means of moral support. Furthermore, as a new organisation it is especially important that the identity and material draws attention and appeals to the target audiences so more and more people will quickly know about ICARS.

Logodesign for ICARS
Folder, brevskabelon og visitkort for ICARS
Folder for ICARS
PowerPoint-skabelon for ICARS
PowerPoint-skabelon for ICARS
Infografik for ICARS