Danish Union of Teachers

Presentation tool that supports DLF’s design and branding

PowerPoint is an easy and powerful tool for companies and organizations to convey their messages when communicating internally and externally.

You can help colleagues comply with your company’s visual identity by providing them with a good PowerPoint template with an additional slide deck that makes it easy to use infographics, icons and predefined layouts as a starting point. It saves everyone time in their day-to-day work, and you can rest assured that the company’s brand will be protected.

BGRAPHIC designed a streamlined PowerPoint template for Danmarks Lærerforening (DLF), the Danish Union of Teachers. It’s based on the fundamental design that the organization’s design guide prescribes with every conceivable option for setting up slides within the design framework. Consistent use of text boxes and image fields helps the user to adhere to a uniform grid, while being able to draw on predefined colors, shapes and fonts. In addition, we set up a slide deck from which DLF’s employees can easily and efficiently make use of the organization’s standard slides, as well as share their own slides with colleagues.

The project is delivered with an accompanying user guide with instructions on how to use the template, good advice for setting up slides and some examples of how the template can be used within the prescribed framework.

A good template is a time-saving tool that ensures employees’ efforts are more effective, and that the company’s image is always perceived to be uniform and professional.

Danmarks Lærerforening Powerpoint-skabelon
DLF PowerPoint