The Velliv Association

PowerPoint presentations where colors do the talking

The pension company, Velliv, is an independent member-owned pension company, which is owned by the Velliv Association. There is therefore great cohesion between the two organizations. We designed and developed PowerPoint template with accompanying slide decks and presentations used to explain economic data while still portraying their pension customers, who are also their members.

The template contains good diagram and chart tools and the warm color palette in combination with compelling images and infographics set the stage. In connection with the AnnualGeneral Meetings, video presentations of the members running for the Board of Directors and the Board of Representatives are incorporated into the PowerPoint slide decks.

It’s nice to see so many of PowerPoint’s functionalities used in super-professional presentations.
PowerPoint-præsentation til Velliv
Welliv PowerPoint
Welliv PowerPoint