Region Zealand

PowerPoint template with many options – a great tool for employees

Region Zealand often has meetings in their large conference hall for the regional council, where they give several presentations to the members of the council. At the same time, even more meetings are held – both small internal meetings and larger departmental meetings – in all the company’s departments at the hospitals throughout the region and in the regional center in Sorø.

BGRAPHIC has developed a new PowerPoint template for Region Zealand. The package also includes a library of icons, an advanced slide deck, where process diagrams, timelines and maps have been prepared, so the individual employee can easily and efficiently prepare a presentation correctly in Region Zealand’s design and visual identity.

The PowerPoint template has been introduced by BGRAPHIC for approx. 25 employees at a half-day meeting with tutorials and exercises. The employees are now super users of and ambassadors for the template. The idea is that the super users must train other employees in the use of the template. As part of the task, BGRAPHIC has prepared a User Guide, which the employees can rely on in their further work and seek help when e.g. changing color, photo, using correct typography, inserting video etc.

We encourage employees to share their presentations with each other. If you can reuse slides from a colleague, it will save time for everyone. So you’re welcome to steal 🙂 Similarly, company presentations can be developed and updated from a central team when new figures must be corrected each year in connection with the annual report.