Cases on lighthouses in sustainable construction

Værdibyg is a Danish company that works with the Value Creating Construction Process – a collaboration between six of the Danish construction sector’s leading organisations. The purpose of this collaboration is to find and develop best practice to create and preserve value in the construction process across the various actors in the construction sector and throughout the entire construction process – from conceptual design to facility management.

BGRAPHIC has designed the case catalogue: Lighthouses – insight into the sustainable construction process.

The case collection presents eight Danish and Nordic construction projects that have undergone a construction process that has resulted in successful construction with a high degree of sustainability.

Building sustainably is often a complicated and uncertain process. How will you approach it when you are to collaborate with new coworkers, in new ways, with new or recycled materials and on new solutions? Værdibyg provides examples in the new case collection of eight beautiful and striking buildings that stand as landmarks in sustainable construction.

In the case collection, you can find inspiration to build more sustainably and find room for new thinking and innovation by providing an insight into the sustainable construction process in the different projects. The eight cases have been prepared based on 18 interviews with developers, consultants and executors.