Ministry of Foreign Affairs

When Word templates need to offer something more

When the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organizes business campaigns abroad to help Danish export companies, there’s a lot of communication that needs to be disseminated. To participating companies, delegates, hosts, the press and those holding the reins throughout.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to prepare this communication quickly and easily by itself. The solution is a series of Word templates that are programmed as multi-functional documents that can be used for a wide range of needs. This includes participant lists, preparation of agendas with the option of inserting pictograms and one-pagers with important information – all wrapped up in the official design of the campaign in terms of colors, fonts, logos, icons and senders.

The advantage of using Word templates is that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can revise the content in a split second when – as is typical at major events – unforeseen events occur, and plans need to be changed last minute.

Word can do much more than you think. We always challenge the program, and are ready to take up the gauntlet if you also have a challenge in mind.


Royal visit in Italy
Royal visit in Italy