Danish Diabetes Association

Consistent presentation of important messages with Word templates

The Danish Diabetes Association try to achieve better conditions for people with diabetes and to make sure diabetes is part of the political agenda.

The association comments and offers advice and ideas for topics such as patient education, treatment on time, obesity and exercise. These contributions are important, so they need to create attention, be presented in a professional manner and clearly present the Danish Diabetes Association as a serious part in the discussion.

BGRAPHIC has developed two Word templates – one for message papers and one for notes – both of which the association use for all important contributions and comments. The templates have a visual print at the top of the paper, which helps draw attention to the paper. Furthermore, the templates strengthen all communication from the association by making sure everything is presented in a consistent and professional manner.

Word-skabeloner for Diabetesforeningen
Word-skabeloner for Diabetesforeningen
Word-skabelon for Diabetesforeningen