Advanced Word template for the day-to-day work of projecting the future

DREAM provides national economic analyzes of the Danish economy, and one of its most important analysis tools comprises five unique economic models. BGRAPHIC designed DREAM’s new visual identity, where we were inspired by graphs that show projections, because DREAM’s models illustrate this around many different societal conditions.

DREAM’s new visual identity matches the company’s communication needs today. The design appears on Word and PowerPoint templates, the website, newsletter, email signature, LinkedIn page and business cards as well as in the graphic expression in illustrations and icons.

BGRAPHIC designed and developed a state-of-the-art Word template for preparing meeting minutes, working documents and reports, with useful tools for implementing statistical material, complex graphs and figures – which applies to printed material as well as web publications to be launched online. It provides DREAM’s employees with practical tools and ensures uniformity and professional communication throughout the organization and to the outside world.

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DREAM Wordskabelon
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