Danish Health Authority

You see them almost every day

Design communication is often aimed at a niche audience or selected target groups. But occasionally, as a design agency, we have the privilege of creating something with a much wider appeal. And we got a good opportunity to do that when the Danish Health Authority approached us one day to solve a nationwide need.

The authorities’ legal requirements for the purchase and sale of alcohol and tobacco products are displayed in kiosks, supermarkets, cafés and shops across the country. The signs are intentionally clear and easily decodable, as the messages must be easy to understand.

To ensure that the signs can be used in all stores, they’re available in standard formats and versions that can be formatted, so they can be easily adapted to the needs of the individual retailer. For use in online sales, special versions of the signs have been developed with messages adapted for this particular medium.

The series of signs has later been expanded to cover notices for smoking areas and cabins in public places, such as airports.

We’re proud of all our design projects. But, in this case, we’re even more proud when it comes to communication that is as visible in everyday life as these signs are.

Sundhedsstyrelsen Aldersgrænser for køb af alkohol og tobak
Sundhedsstyrelsen Aldersgrænser for køb af alkohol og tobak