Danish Society for Emergency Medicine, DASEM

What happens when you are hospitalized urgently?

Within hospital practice and medical treatment, the Danish Society for Emergency Medicine (DASEM) is a prominent voice in the Danish hospital system. DASEM promotes the development of emergency medicine, patient flow and the organization of the emergency hospital through research, education and knowledge sharing. DASEM is a forum that aims to optimize and ensure the quality of hospital treatment throughout the country, for all patients to get through quickly and receive the right treatment in the most efficient way.

DASEM has published a paper with 27 recommendations on how emergency medicine can contribute to better treatment in Denmark. BGRAPHIC has designed the publication in a beautiful layout with great infographics that explain the most complex concepts so ordinary people and politicians can understand the meaning behind it all. The purpose is to describe DASEM’s position, vision and recommendations on what emergency medicine is and how we can contribute in the coming years, when the healthcare system is facing a comprehensive reorganisation.

Although we have had healthcare as a specialty for many years, this time we learned some new technical terms such as Crowding and Throughput as well as the different characteristics of the models in the emergency department, Hybrid, Virtual and Independent. Always nice to learn more – and always satisfying to contribute to the positive development of our society.

Read more at www.dasem.dk