Steno Diabetes Center Zealand

The annual report is the annual status of the work and finances in your company

Steno Diabetes Center Zealand (SDCZ) is one of the national centers that works with treatment of diabetes patients. SDCZ does a great job to help and treat patients as well as provide detailed information on how one should – and best can – live with diabetes. SDCZ is located at all hospitals in Region Zealand. SDCZ has an important function in nursing and visiting citizens so they can receive home treatment.

BGRAPHIC has developed the SDCZ design and visual identity – and in this connection we have designed their annual reports in the recent years. Every year they have new and important knowledge to communicate. Naturally, we work with the design that we have developed ourselves – and at the same time we make the new annual report improve the visual expression – within the guidelines 🙂

SDCZ researches and makes a great effort to reduce the number of patients with diabetes in Denmark. We are happy to be part of the team for communicating the important work that takes place in Steno Diabetes Center Zealand.
Steno årsberetninger
Fremtidens Diabetesambulatorium
Steno årsberetning
Steno årsberetninger