The Danish Government

Plans and visions for the future for The Danish Government

The public authorities are responsible for a large part of the public information that must be communicated to citizens, businesses, municipal and regional Denmark and not least to the press. At the high end profile of this spectrum are the publications that the Danish government or the Danish ministries release in connection with major reforms or new initiatives.

BGRAPHIC has designed some of the latest initiatives, including the UN Global Compact National Review for Denmark, The Danish National Strategy for Cyber and Information Security, the National Health Reform and National Strategy for Digitalisation. The publications must convey political visions in a citizen-friendly language, and the design must facilitate the understanding of the often-complicated initiatives – i.e. by using easy-to-understand infographics, which illustrate data in a clear and inviting way and support the communication, so that the reader gets an easy overview.

It is a pleasure for us to follow the political negotiations closely during the production of these publications. The world and politics change while we simultaneously design its content. We are “inside the engine” along the way and we meet the deadline for launching the publications together with the ministries’ talented employees. We take great pride in being able to live up to the confidentiality shown to us and we always manage to deliver on time.
Regeringens sundhedsreform
Regeringens udspil infografik
Regeringens national strategi for cyber-og informationssikkerhed
Regeringens digitaliseringstrategi
Regeringens reformudspil