University College Absalon

Absalon to offer education that makes an impact at Campus Slagelse

Absalon University College has built a new campus in Slagelse for its five education programmes and its administration department. A beautiful modern building with nice facilities for theory and practice. Absalon’s ambition is to offer education that makes a noticeable impact in Region Zealand.

BGRAPHIC created the design that adorns the large glass facade at the entrance, as well as in the communal areas in collaboration with illustrator Jørgen Stamp. When you arrive on campus, you see the striking illustrations on the large window section of the facade and notice the graphics inside too as you move and look around the building.

We also designed timelines for the individual programmes that describe the historical development of the subjects. The timelines are used as part of the teaching at the campus. We also developed bulletin boards for photos from the students’ Instagram profiles as well as printed wallcoverings that show the programmes in practice. The purpose is to inspire the students and draw attention to their activities and the knowledge that is being created.

Visit Campus Slagelse at Sdr. Stationsvej 30, 4200 Slagelse


Absalon Campus Slagelse tidsplinje
Absalon Campus Slagelse ikoner wayfinding
Absalon Campus Slagelse trappeopgange
Absalon Campus Slagelse facadeudsmykning