Ministry of the Interior and Health

Status report on Health in Denmark

Every year, the Ministry of the Interior and Health publishes the report National Goals of the Danish Healthcare System. The report provides an overview on how regions and municipalities collaborate to secure high quality, treatments and patient safety within healthcare – aiming for a healthy life for all of us. Every year, the ministry thus takes the pulse of its own area, monitoring both agreed sub-goals and concrete efforts.

The National Goals must ensure that the entire healthcare system – hospitals, municipalities and general medical practice – work towards higher quality and at the same time make it more transparent to see where improvements are needed. The focus in the healthcare system is that the patient is at the center – and therefore the heart is also at the center of the design.

Over several years, BGRAPHIC has designed the publication in a reading friendly layout with elegant infographics to support both messages and cases. Fortunately, the next release is already in the pipeline.

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