Hillerød Municipality

Guides for educational analysis are part of the Children and Youth Policy

In Hillerød municipality, they work methodically. The Pedagogical Analysis guide is a tool that systematically promotes comprehension of the learning environment’s importance for children and young people, and it points out new ways of working. This work is part of the School Policy’s three focus areas about cooperation and knowledge sharing. The Daycare guide to Pedagogical Analysis, which is used in nurseries and kindergartens, is also part of the Children and Youth Policy.

BGRAPHIC has created the visual universe and designed the School Policy 2021-25 as well as the associated poster, handout and guides on Pedagogical Analysis.

The illustrations are the consistent elements along with models that are designed in the same illustrative expression, so that all the materials have a great connection with each other.

Several of the models have also been developed and programmed into active tools in Word, which the schools’ teams can use in their educational analyses.


Hillerød Kommunes skolepolitik 2021-25
Hillerød Kommunes skolepolitik 2021-25
Hillerød Kommune Pædagogisk Analyse Wordskabelon
Hillerød Kommunes skolepolitik 2021-25, illustration
Hillerød Kommune Teamguide til Pædagogisk Analyse