Agency for Digitisation

The Digitalization Partnership publishes its recommendations

Since March, the government’s digitalization partnership has been discussing how Denmark can utilize and implement technological opportunities in the future. The partnership has completed its work and has just submitted 46 recommendations to the government in the form of a new publication. See the publication here.

BGRAPHIC created a new logo and designed the publication in close collaboration with the Agency for Digitisation.

The digitalization partnership looks into Denmark’s digital future. Its members have contributed knowledge about how Denmark can leverage the opportunities offered by digital transformation. The recommendations are now included as input to the government’s ongoing and forthcoming strategies and political initiatives in the digital area and can be used as part of an overall digital strategy for Denmark.

The digitalization partnership comprises a chairman, Jim Hagemann Snabe, and 27 permanent members. The members include top managers and experts from the Danish business community, the research world, civil society and trade unions, Local Government Denmark and the Danish Regions.
Digitaliseringspartnerskabet logo
Digitaliseringsstyrelsen Digitalliseringspartnerskabet anbefalinger
Digitaliseringspartnerskabet Visioner og anbefalinger udgivelse
Digitaliseringspartnerskabet grafik