Danish Union of Teachers

A colorful and festive Convention 2021

An annual convention is basically a day of celebration. The year’s results are celebrated, those responsible are praised, the chairperson’s report highlights strong initiatives, new projects are launched, and future guidelines are decided via board and committee votes. A professional framework for such events ensures that they turn out to be exactly the kind of celebrations they are meant to be.

The convention is an event that can be underpinned by a beautiful backdrop, which enhances the atmosphere and gives participants and delegates a sense of unity and team spirit.

Over the last few years, BGRAPHIC has created the visual framework for conventions for Danmarks Lærerforening (DLF), the Danish Union of Teachers, in close collaboration with them and the conference venue. This year, Convention 2021 was held at the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center (THCC) in Copenhagen, a venue that offers a festive setting where anything is possible. In our design, we emphasized that the theme must support DLF’s design and branding while ensuring that the elements were a good fit with the conference venue. THCC’s interior décor features a lot of colors, so the trick was to ensure DLF’s design complemented this. As you can see from the images, the result was festive, colorful and bubbly 🙂 Something we’re all in need of after COVID-19 when we couldn’t meet in person. Fortunately, we can now.

BGRAPHIC designed the overall identity for Convention 2021 and developed all the elements, e.g., conference banners, roll-up banners, lectern cover, wayfinding signage, floor stickers, info screen graphics, PowerPoint presentations, registration signs, the annual report, outdoor branding with convention graphics, and signage on digital pylons and façades. Everything was assembled and set up on location in the days leading up to the convention so that the event could take place in beautiful surroundings as planned.

The possibilities are endless – as are the ideas 🙂 If your organization is planning a convention, trade fair or conference, feel free to find out how we can create maximum visibility and a beautiful visual framework for your next event.

Danmarks Lærerforening Kongres 2 Tivolo Hotel
Danmarks Lærerforening Kongres 2021
Danmarks Lærerforening Kongres 2021
Danmarks Lærerforening Kongres 2021 Tivoli Hotel
Danmarks Lærerforening Beretning