Strengthen your online communication with designed e-mail templates

The new digital possibilities open up for new and improved communication channels. By using online communication, you save the money for print and postage, and you’ll get to know your subscribers, which means you can optimise and target your communication.

BGRAPHIC and APSIS are here to help you

BGRAPHIC has started collaborating with APSIS – a company that has developed a great solution to digital communication and marketing via e-mails. Read more about APSIS at

You can use the system for newsletters, internal communication for one or more groups of employees, for instance with links to your corporate intranet, ongoing messages, recruiting new employees, mails with special offers on products and/or services.

The system is brilliant when you need to send out the same information to many subscribers. Just like previously, when you would send a printed newsletter, a leaflet or a flyer for a lot of people.

Manage your content, your design and your subscribers

We all know the newsletters that so many shops and supermarket chains send out to their customers containing special offers, e.g. linking to a web shop.

It’s possible to use the same e-mail setup for newsletters or corporate communication. Together we’ll pinpoint your goal, your target groups, frequency of distribution, which content is the right one for your target area – and you most definitely have a lot of wishes for your communication before we get started on the finding the right solution for you.

As with everything else at BGRAPHIC, we always think Keep It Simple – and you’ll see that it’s very easy getting started in the system.

We’ll create the perfect design for you

BGRAPHIC offers to create your own unique design and programming of your own responsive e-mail template, in which you’ll be able to manage your content and send out e-mails to your mailing list.

When starting up, you’ll get an introduction to the APSIS system, so you’ll soon be able to get started.

The e-mail template will be designed and programmed to cover your needs, and it’ll match and support your company brand. Your emails will look great on desktop, tablet and smartphone. The design is responsive and will therefore always adjust to the size of the screen, you’re viewing the e-mail on.

Manage you subscribers

Once you’re all set, you oversee sending out e-mails.

Signup to the newsletter can be via your website, or you can create your own mailing list. When a person chooses to subscribe to your newsletter, the person is added to a list in the APSIS system. You can later add more information, for instance Sex, Interests etc. – the possibilities are endless, and these kinds of information will help you target orient your mails to your subscribers.

You can pair the people signing up with your own mailing lists. The system is intelligent and recognises e.g. duplicates, so the subscriber won’t receive the same e-mail twice. It respects if a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe, and you receive a notification if the e-mail address is no longer active, for instance because of a job change.

How much does it cost?

BGRAPHIC calculates a price for you which includes start-up and design of an e-mail template based on your wishes and the conditions for the assignment that we come up with together. That is a one-time cost. We can quickly deliver design for you – and when show you different styles to choose from.

A template consists of a number of modules. Often around 3-4-5 modules in one template. You may not use all of them in every e-mail you send out, but it’s useful to have a variety of modules depending on your purpose, e.g. articles/special offers/news. We show you the possibilities in the template and how to use the different modules.

The price is calculated based on the number of subscribers

You pay for an admin setup to your company – making you a user in the system. You can choose to have several users, if more than one person from your company is going to work in the system and maybe handling the templates with different purposes. You choose between different packages based on the number of subscribers and e-mails you wish to send.

We use APSIS ourselves

Our own newsletter – BGRAPHIC NEWS – is created in the APSIS system. You can use it as an example to see, how a template and an e-mail can look using APSIS.

Please, give us a call on +45 70 22 87 89 to hear more about the many possibilities we have to offer.

9 March 2017