Say it with infographics

If you can measure it, you can draw it!

Infographics can help communicate a complex message. It can emphasize your points. Elaborate information. Display a process. Create an overview of an organisation, a period of time, a strategy, a business plan. You can compare numbers either as graphs, diagrams or other elements illustrating dimensions, percentages etc.

When to use infographics?

Infographics are in demands by many of our clients, and they are included in most assignment briefs. It might be in digital assignments such as PowerPoint, Prezi, content for websites, film or social media. Or in printed material such as annual reports, CSR reports or presentation material.

The design process

An assignment often starts with a manuscript and a rough outline from you – and this develops throughout the design process. Some things can be drawn, some cannot. A rule of thumb is that if you can measure it and compare it to something else – then you can also draw it!

An advantage of infographics is that is can also be animated. You can show your infographics in short animated sequences, and your message will quickly reach your audience.

When designing infographics for you, it’ll be a good idea if you deliver the following:

  • The purpose of your communication > we need to understand your purpose
  • Manuscript with the exact numbers > we don’t want any guesswork
  • A rough outline of the idea > try to draw your own thoughts on the matter
  • Colour wishes > do you have a colour palette in CMYK and/or RGB?
  • Which platforms you want your infographics at > in that way we can prepare the delivery in the right measurements and formats – and we know which level of detail we can work with

Once you get started on using infographics, you might find it hard to stop. It’s addictive and especially works well for social media with many items competing for the attention of the users.

You can have your own library of infographics

Over time, we’ll be able to build you an entire library of infographics for different platforms – all designed in your company’s look, thus making sure that the infographics help support your brand and communication.

The possibilities are endless, and we can help you with whatever you need.

Call us at +45 70 22 87 89 – and let’s discuss your possibilities.

Find inspiration in some of the infographics we have designed.

9 March 2017