Can your communication reach new heights?

The answer is yes! Especially if you and your company work together with a design and communication company on a regular basis.

Many advantages with cooperation agreements

When working together on a regular basis, we are able to improve and continuously work on your company’s communication assignments. For instance regarding choice of platforms, your way of communicating and your visual identity.

There are many advantages:

  • We maintain your company’s design and communication on a high level and make sure we are updated on your work in order to give you the best advice regarding your communication performance.
  • We know each other and your way of working – which enables a strong and effective teamwork.
  • Vi can place an inhouse graphic designer with you, which enables you to finish assignments effectively from day to day – and sometimes by the hour.
  • We know your other suppliers and can work closely together with them.
  • We can create an attractive cooperation agreement making sure you save both time and money.

Knowing each other well is the key to great teamwork

When we know you and your company well, we have an easy time seeing and understanding your wishes for your communication.

We are updated on you and ready to help you out – both in regards to your communication and your visual identity on each assignment.

We are able to work on day-to-day assignments to make sure your posts on social media or your presentations for a meeting or a conference are just as professional as your other material. And that both posts and presentations indicate the way you want to appear as a company.

All this creates a strong foundation for designing on a high level that works for your entire company – and where we are able to continue to optimise and develop the design and contents for your digital tools, for instance on your website or in your PowerPoint presentations.

We adjust our workflow based on your needs

When we know the way you work, both internally and with external partners, we are able to adjust our workflow to this.

Combined, our graphic designers have many competences, and we always put our different competences in play – when and where they are needed.

We also have the possibility of having employees present at your office a couple of hours a week or one or more days a week, depending on your needs. This gives us the opportunity to offer our services and help to your entire organisation. This might relieve the communication manager or department of many smaller assignments, and it might make the road faster and more direct on larger, more complex assignments.

We have the general knowledge with you
– on assignments and on your identity

Last but not least – if the project is to succeed – a business partner needs to be able to organise everything with your other suppliers, when you find it relevant, e.g. when new platforms and functionalities are tested and expertise is required.

That entails that we as your business partner focus on your business – and on your narrative, workflow and projects. Not just on the assignment we have been asked to work on, but in general in order to create a coherence in all your communication. This is the goal of all long lasting cooperations.

If we are your permanent business partner, we can create business deals specifically to you and your company. The deal might be based on a fixed-price deal, or we can send you estimates for each assignment – making sure the financial framework is in order on all assignments. This kind of business deal can be arranged in whatever way works best for you and your business model.

BGRAPHIC has been and is great at maintaining long business cooperations with our clients. We are experienced and have the competences to offer you and your company a solid and long cooperation.

We offer our services on an ongoing basis for e.g. Femern A/S, Vestforbrænding, EVA, The National Centre for Public Sector Innovation, the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers (FRI), Movia, ESPON and FLSmidth.

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3 April 2019