Public sector innovation spreads across the Nordic region

It is always lovely to see when the fruits of your labour are of use and enjoyment to others. There’s certainly no need to reinvent the wheel.

Within the public sector, employees, citizens and others are often coming up with new, clever solutions to optimise and easen the everyday assignments and struggles of both emplyees and citizens. The innovations include all kinds of topics – to mention a few, there’s a shared bus, robot bicycle stands, voluntary night nurses and LED lights in street lights.

The National Centre for Public Sector Innovation (COI) aims at increasing quality and effectivity in the public sector by means of innovation. It’s about finding innovative solutions – and about sharing, borrowing and adjusting so the same solutions can be used across sectors and fields within the entire public sector.

And now, also across country lines.

The InnovationBarometer goes abroad

COI has developed an InnovationBarometer, which keeps statistics on innovation in the Danish public sector. When the Barometer was presented in 2015, it was the first of its kind in the world.

Now, other countries in the Nordic region have adopted the idea of the InnovationBarometer. Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland are working on their innovation – and on keeping statistics on all the great things they achieve.

BGRAPHIC has developed the design for COI’s visual identity and for the InnovationBarometer. And now, we have also assisted several of the countries in connection with their innovation work and innovation barometers. The other countries have received design that is aligned with their identity and wishes – and furthermore, they use some of the existing design created for COI.

And like that, the design works just like the innovative ideas – it can be shared, borrowed and adjusted 🙂

We are happy to see the innovation spread – and very happy to see the same happening for our BGRAPHIC design 🙂

Read more about innovation in NorwayIcelandSweden and Finland – as well as in Denmark at the National Centre for Public Sector Innovation.

3 April 2019