Innovative and striking conference stands that attract your guests

To ensure that you and your company have a positive and successful experience when attending a fair, conference or exhibition, you need certain elements to be perfect.

It’s important to reach your audience with your stand. And it’s important that the stand conveys professionalism and that it clearly signifies who you and your company are and what you stand for.

Here are 4 tips on what you and your company especially need to focus on to make sure the conference visitors choose to visit your stand:

1. What’s the topic of the conference, and who’s your target audience?

Who’s attending the conference, and who do you want to attract with your stand? This matters greatly when designing a stand.

For instance, is it a job fair where you introduce students and newly qualified people to your company by using employer branding? Is it a B2B conference (business to business) or a B2C conference (business to consumer)?

The more specific you are on who you want to reach, the easier it is to design and construct a stand that will communicate the right message to the right audience.

2. How much space do you have for the stand?

This information is important when it comes to choosing which material to design the stand in and how to construct it.

Do you want – and is there room for – people to sit down? Are you going to have information on the walls or on roll-up banners for them to read, or are you going to hand them materials “to go”, for instance a flyer or a brochure?

Do you want one or more standing tables, a presentation on a screen and what about displays for leaflets or flyers?

Some stands need to “speak for itself”, i.e. function without an employee present. Others need the employers, for instance because the aim of the stand is for visitors to meet employees, ask questions, get help etc.

Some stands are very advanced, but still need great flexibility regarding setting up. Some stands need to be reused in different areas at different events. It will be possible to reuse the same concept on areas from 6 square metres to 16-20-30-50-100 square metres.

3. Thinking outside the box or choosing something classic?

Depending on the topic of the conference, you might find that the best solution in order to create attention and positive feedback is to have a different kind of stand. A stand must of course be in correspondence with your brand and visual identity – and furthermore, it should be inviting, innovative and attract the conference visitors.

The effects might be technical, or they might be dependent on the employees at the stand – the stand might for instance be interactive with lights or buttons to push. Or your can have virtual reality headsets that visitors can put on and for instance take a virtual trip to your company, into a product or surroundings.

It’s always great to have a stand concept that kickstarts the interaction between employees and visitors by having some sort of activity.

Do you need other kinds of activities at the stand, for instance a scene for talks, a competition, a physical activity, a meeting area, a private area for personal effects, a coffee machine, podiums for products, gimmicks, mini buffet with cake, fruit, juice? There are many opportunities to make a great impression on your visitors.

You and your company need to decide which kind of stand will attract exactly those visitors that you want to attract – and at the same time decide which kind of stand presents and fits with your brand. We have many possibilities and are able to give you advice in order to find the best solution for you and your company.

4. What’s the budget?

The budget is central. It decides the size of the project. Our focus will always be how to create the best solution and making sure you get your money’s worth. It’s a shame to dream big only to find out that the dream is not possible. Instead it’s a good idea to begin by matching the expectations to the prices – that way the dreams will be realistic.

Please also remember, that stand modules can be reused with a new design or style for other fairs and conferences. That means that you can save money, if you plan on reusing the modules and you prioritise buying great, solid, modules.

Consult the designers

BGRAPHIC has great experience developing design solutions in small, medium and large. So we’re ready to help figure out the best solution for you. We’re here both before and during the decision-making process, and we can help out when it comes to setting up on the day of the conference.

You know your own company best, so your knowledge, wishes and needs are invaluable – and with our knowhow, together we can create something really great for you.

Find inspiration in some of the conference and exhibition stands that we have designed for other clients.

24 June 2019