Good craftsmanship has gone digital

When the hot dog van made its breakthrough, many feared that the popular Danish Ms. Jensen’s Cookbook became a thing of the past. Everyone would stop preparing their own meals – dine at the grill bar and at the hot dog van instead. It didn’t work out this way. Today we eat a lot of high-quality fast food, the shops are full of ready to go meals and they are all competing to be the best experience. We cook at home with exquisite ingredients. The good craft of cooking has perhaps never stood stronger than it does today.

Our craft graphic design has also undergone the same evolution. We have gained some new technological possibilities – the computer has become our tool. The good craftsmanship is supported by the fantastic programs that we use in our daily work. There are exquisite fonts, beautiful color palettes, 3D effects, pre-made icons, advanced illustrations etc.

Good craftsmanship also gives us another dimension. It is the understanding of the task to be solved and the ability to create good and usable design that makes the story come alive and the communication succeeds.

We can create the surprising composition of shape and colors, effects and illustrations inspired by a pattern in a shop window, a feeling, an exhibition, art, architecture, culture, fashion, trends. The sources of inspiration are many. Based on our inspiration and experiences in our everyday life in combination with good craftsmanship, we create a unique solution for each assignment.

When we create something new, we also stand on the shoulders of what has already been created of good graphic design. Because we continue to work in the Danish graphic design tradition, renew it and develop it. And we can do that because we know our craft.

There has been a fantastic evolution in the graphic design tradition, because our new digital tools also give us a lot of new possibilities. We can develop some more complex solutions. And we also develop graphic design for many more platforms than before, because we access so much of our information via websites and social media. Our solutions must always work on these platforms.

It also still leaves room for making a coffee table book, a nice magazine or a printed strategy. The printed solutions can still tell the good story and give you an exclusive experience to take home.

Good craftsmanship is therefore the base for our business. And our last meal won’t be at the hot dog van  🙂

25 April 2023