Annual report, annual accounts, ESG, CSR… loved ones have many names

The annual accounts are in place. There may not only be one but three bottom lines as you also have included social and environmental factors (ESG) in your financial statement. In the future companies above 250 employees will have to meet regulations for ESG reporting following the new CSR directive from 2024.

In addition to this, it is hopefully something that companies can profit from. It is important for your clients and your stakeholders, that you have a good reputation within climate and environmental areas, and you must also ensure being a great workplace. This will help you to recruit new employees.

It is relevant to use the annual report to tell where you stand, what you are doing and where you are going – and of course also publish the mandatory annual accounts.

Design is an important factor in creating this narrative. The annual report can be told in many words, and it can also be told visually. Infographics and graphs can explain facts, illustrations can describe processes, and photos can create authenticity and show cases. The visual graphic design wraps it all up in a unified narrative, so your communication will appear as far-sighted, professional and trustworthy just as everything you and your employees do in your daily work.

BGRAPHIC has many years of experience in designing annual reports and CSR reports, resulting in a much more inspiring, appealing, and professional appearance of your company. We understand your business and what you want to express. We give you qualified advice, use all our design skills, so the annual report becomes an asset in your brand and communication – also in the world in which your company is an active player.

In an annual report, the Devil often lies in the detail. It requires enormous care, professional infographics, communicational skills and, not least, the numbers must be correct. At BGRAPHIC we have a reputation for being detail oriented. This is an important quality when we develop this kind of assignments.

The annual report can be created in many different applications: Adobe InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, Keynote etc. You decide what you prefer – or we help you choose. BGRAPHIC is usually responsible for designing the entire annual report, but you can also be co-creators yourself during the process. For example, we can design a template that contains all relevant pages, including advanced tables for the accounting pages. We develop the infographics and illustrations and then you finalize the text and numbers yourself. 

BGRAPHIC is ready to help you with the design of your next annual report, financial statements, ESG, CSR… just the way it is relevant to you 🙂

31 October 2023