Infographics show that safety comes first

Vestforbrænding receives lots of garbage trucks every day – they are there to unload the garbage. To make sure the safety regulations concerning large machinery are followed, BGRAPHIC has designed a safety leaflet for Vestforbrænding. The safety leaflet is for current and new drivers.

This leaflet is a great example of how infographics can also be used. It’s hard taking good looking photos of garbage in the unloading area. It’s easier explaining the conditions visually by means of illustrations. Because it needs to be a simple tool that is easy to use for the receiver.
Illustrativ sikkerhedsfolder for Vestforbrænding
Sikkerhedsfolder for Vestforbrænding
Sikkerhedsfolder for Vestforbrænding
Infografikker i sikkerhedsfolder for Vestforbrænding