University College Absalon

Absalon’s visual identity features a complete illustration universe

BGRAPHIC developed Absalon’s visual identity. The distinctive logo with angular letters and chipped edges is recognizable and completely unique to Absalon. Furthermore, this expression forms the basis for the entire icon and illustration universe, where we’ve designed more than 70 icons that are used everywhere in Absalon’s communication, including the website and wayfinding signage at Campus Slagelse.

In addition, we created an illustration style in the same expression that is used for more complex topics, such as working in study groups. The illustrations are used for roll-ups, PowerPoint presentations, related written material and on-campus TV screens. Let’s just call it a ‘textbook example’ of the relationship between identity and execution.
Absalon ikoner
Absalon wayfinding
Absalon wayfinding
Absalon studiegrupper
Absalon studiegrupper roll ups