Strategy 2023-2027 focuses on young girls’ opportunities

The world is changing. This means that for the first time in decades we are seeing a rollback in the progress of girls’ rights.PlanBørnefonden has an ambition, together with Plan International, of which they are a part, to support 200 million girls in having a healthy and safe upbringing, becoming active agents of change and being resilient when the crisis hits. PlanBørnefonden has developed 10 strategic goals for this work.

BGRAPHIC has designed the strategy in Danish and English based on Plan International’s colorful visual identity. The strategy is vibrant and varied with the use of large typographies, icons and photos of those it’s all about. It provides an exciting overview of focus areas, priorities and of the strategic goals. The strategy is then converted into an editable PowerPoint presentation, which serves as their daily communication tool when concretizing their work with the individual areas and goals.
PlanBørnefondens strategi 2023-2027
PlanBørnefondens strategi 2023-2027
Planbørnefonden PowerPoint