New comprehensive report with recommendations on retirement and early retirement due to ill health

Denmark has a pension system in a class of its own. To prepare our pension system for the future, some changes are needed, such as a more flexible regulation of the state pension age that ensures more equal pension terms across generations, a strengthening of incentives for pension savings and that the pension scheme will reflect that pensioners have become financially better off.

The Commission was set up in 2020 by the government and the political parties concerned. The task has been to investigate whether the current pension system has the right balance and whether the system is in good enough shape to cope with the gradual changes in the health of Danes, their life expectancy and needs in senior and elderly life.

It’s exciting to see the development of the pension system in progress and what can be agreed upon 😊 BGRAPHIC developed a concept for the design in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Employment. We developed the cover, the chapter pages and the pages with infographics. The ministries themselves set up the pages in their Word template. It’s nice to see all the material put together in a professional and stylish publication. If the design, colors, font size and infographics are under the guidance of knowledgeable hands throughout the process, it all comes together nicely.

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4 May 2022