Digitazation strategy creates new vision for Denmark’s digital future

The government has launched a new digitization strategy. The strategy contains 61 initiatives that are designed to increase digital security and support the digital competencies of Danes and Danish companies.

Denmark is one of the world’s most digitalized countries, and we’re well equipped to implement new technologies and solutions for the benefit of citizens and companies. Digital solutions must create better welfare, advance the mitigation of climate change and increase growth and exports. All exciting perspectives for our future.

BGRAPHIC designed the publication and the infographics and made it all come together nicely with beautiful pictures – thanks to the superb collaboration with the talented staff at the Ministry of Finance.

It is – as always – exciting to work closely with policy making and on issues that are important in our society and to our nation’s wellbeing. We hope that, in this way, we help to create the framework for Denmark’s digital success.

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5 May 2022