New logo and visual identity for University College Zealand

University College Zealand (UCSJ) is one of seven university colleges in Denmark. UCSJ has six, soon seven, campuses all over the Zealand region.

UCSJ is developing rapidly and needs to assert themselves with greater visibility and impact. Therefore, they have decided to change their name, and BGRAPHIC has designed a new logo and developed a new visual identity. The new name is University College Absalon.

Why Absalon?

They have chosen their name, because Absalon was Zealander, and because he and his family has left considerable impressions in the region. His focus was on development and progress, and he was known for being both pragmatic and a visionary – a pronounced innovator in the community, deeply rooted in strong traditions. Thus, there is a direct line between Absalon and the ambitions of UCSJ.

Our design process

Based on the new name, research and conversations with UCSJ – and focusing on the vision UCSJ has for the future – BGRAPHIC has designed a strong logo that wins attention, shows strength and expresses that Absalon plays a significant part in the educational system.

In terms of style, our wish was to design a significant and simple look. Typography and the visual style aim at an international campus look. Absalon is red; symbolises something visionary, something warm. The logo is even created to work digitally in an animated version.

‘It has been a very interesting and efficient process’, Kathrine Raunkjær, design manager from BGRAPHIC, explains. ‘Quickly, we were able to see what we needed in order to create a great design. We also had a very efficient approval process with UCSJ, which made sure we were able to launch the new logo in only four weeks’.

We help spread your message

‘We have developed a short film with rector Camilla Wang to be used at the day of launch to both students, employees and other interested parties. The film as well as gimmicks such as acrylic letters in keyrings, information leaflets, balloons and delicious dishes in the cafeteria made sure the launch got a lot of attention. UCSJ posted small videos from the launch all day on their Instagram page using the hashtag #PHabsalon, thus making sure the new logo was off to a great start.

While the new name is now launched, it won’t become effective until after the summer holiday.

9 March 2017