Logo for the PRO Secretariat

The PRO Secretariat is a newly established secretariat within the Danish agency Sundhedsdatastyrelsen. The work of the secretariat entails patient reported information, collected through questionnaires which are used in dialogue between patient and clinician.

It is a new and very interesting area, where our health data from now on will be part of our dialogue with the doctor. It might be that you report your own data over a period of time to see the development – e.g. weight, blood pressure, conditions by using medicine, data regarding rehabilitation, e.g. minutes for walk/run or cycling distance/time etc. The data will be useful for you as a patient and for your dialogue with the doctor – and it can also be used for larger scientific matters.

Our design

BGRAPHIC has designed the logo for the PRO Secretariat. The logo will be used by the partners behind the project: the government, Danish Regions and Local Government Denmark.

The design of the logo illustrates a dialogue between the citizen and the doctor. The circles in the background illustrate the data, which frame the condition of the citizen. And they provide an overview of how the citizen feels. All of which for the patient and doctor to see and respond to.

It’s a very interesting project to follow, and the possibilities within data collection are fascinating and ever changing and developing.

Read more about the PRO Secretariat and the work they do on (link in Danish).

25 April 2017