The art of creating a visual identity – that shows who you are and what you want

Do you need a visual identity to your newly started company? Or is your current design in need of an update? Maybe you need a new visual identity for a series of products or a theme that are part of your company design in a new and different way?

There are many ways to begin an assignment, but the workflow for the designer is often the same when we work on visual identity assignments.

We ask questions

Words such as ‘analysis’ and ‘strategy’ might sound pompous to some clients – or heavy. But these are some of the words that we think of as important and central, when we create visual identities.

We want to make sure we understand you – in order for us to create a design that fits you, your company and what you want to communicate.

We ask questions about who you are. Who your clients or stakeholders are, and how you want to be perceived. We ask which parts of your company you want to highlight. And which platforms you want to use.

Once we understand your company, your purpose and your wishes, we can begin the design process. Because understanding is the first step in making sure the design solution will work for you and your company.

We look for inspiration and think in multiple directions 

Often, the designer already has a lot of thoughts and ideas based on preliminary talks and briefs – and these ideas need to be visualised. Sometimes, simple drawings are enough, sometimes mood boards are the best way to go. We look for inspiration in trends, feelings, nature, art, colours, best practice in communication solutions and design universes.

Our clients often work with words – whereas we have a more graphic approach. Words need to be transformed into a visual style that takes all your goals and wishes into consideration. The visual identity will present your new vision and be a place where you and your company have room to express yourself – both online and in other kinds of material such as leaflets, exhibition material etc.

We transform our inspiration into a visual style. Often, we work in several directions, because there can be more than one solution to the specific assignment. And in this way, you have more directions and more designs to choose from.

Your media choice decides the design

All visual identities must be designed with an amount of scalability. The different elements can be changed to fit a specific platform, since our communication channels are very diverse – and also since especially the digital media have many different target groups.

Understanding your company is also to know your tools, your workflow and products. Do you and your company primarily meet your clients online, your visual identity should be created with online media in mind.

Are you – on the other hand – a company that primarily uses reports and publications to present your information, your visual identity should be created to work as a template solution in Microsoft Office. It’s important that your templates are thought-through and functional – and frame your visual style and wishes concerning content.

You also still have the option of getting professionally designed publications and marketing, where content and style can be targeted to specific messages, target groups or events.

Close cooperation from A to Z

We make sure to work closely together with you right from the beginning of the assignment. We communicate through all processes. We challenge you, we listen to you, we adjust and make sure we are always on the same page. That ensures the best process and the best results.

The way we work together, and the tools we create for you are constantly changing. A great design should make your everyday life more effective and make sure your visual communication is always of highest quality. Great content and professional design must work together in order for your clients to understand your messages and buy your products or services. That’s a great way to achieve success.

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7 December 2020