Who are you?

Your company profile brochure, annual report or CSR report can provide the answer.

Some publications simply MUST be done. The annual report is a MUST. The CSR report is modern. The company profile brochure can still be useful. Why not set the bar high, get the vision in place and achieve all the goals you set in relation to the practicalities when producing your 100+ pages?

There are so many great ways to create a cool company profile brochure, book or report.

Company profile brochure – does it still exist?

Yes, it does 🙂 The company profile brochure still has a role to play. It can set the scene for how your recipients get the best impression of you and your business. It can tell your story in a surprising way. And it can be used in many contexts and over a longer period of time.

Annual report

An annual report has a fixed format: the management’s report, the year that went by, how it went for the company, the financial part with the income statement, balance sheet, assets and liabilities – and sometimes several pages of notes that need to be triple-checked before printing starts.

In addition, the report contains all the exciting highlights from the year that may be interesting to your stakeholders. These can be articles about this year’s new initiatives, your customers, and employee development.

CCSR report

It’s a legal requirement that your CSR reporting is briefly described in your annual report. Several companies have started to make much more out of CSR and publish the CSR report as a standalone publication.

The CSR report, together with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, has become a good way for a company to put itself on the map.

In the CSR report, you can go into your company’s strategy in more depth. It can, for example, be in relation to gender equality, climate, consumption, production, the causes you want to support, how you work towards equal pay, and how you want to encourage the development of young talent, etc.

You may not be able to focus on everything every year, but you can select a few of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and then you can match the company’s CSR goals against them. You can report on what responsibilities you take as a company and how the employees should relate to the CSR policy in the company.

If infographics are developed for the annual and CSR report, they can also be used on social media. In this way, the content is designed to spread the good stories across other platforms.

How will you publish?

Online you can upload a pdf with clickable links and other interactive effects.

As a printed product, you can publish it to coincide with a general meeting, for example, and you could, at the same time, benefit from the annual report acting as an extended presentation brochure.

Sometimes companies also opt for a short ‘pixie version’ of the annual report.

At BGRAPHIC, we’re used to doing annual and CSR reports. We ensure you look good in several languages. That the figures look sharp after the auditor’s input. And that the standard of production 

1 October 2020