Do you want better design and communication in the budget?

Great design can make your company’s communication more professional, easier to understand and strengthen your business. But it often requires that money is set aside in advance.

Read our four tips on how to get new and better design in your budget here:

1. Make a list of ideas for design and communication updates and development

  • Make a short assessment of the positive effects for your customers or your interaction with customers.
  • Make a short assessment of the negative effects of continuing as usual.

2. Talk to people who are in regular contact with your customers and users, and add their feedback to the list

  • They may get the same questions over and over again, which can be answered by a new infographic, video or solved with a revision of your website?
  • Perhaps client or user support get the same questions over and over again, indicating that your manuals need an update?
  • Or perhaps the sales people require new information material – digital or printed?

3. Prioritise the list and identify the strongest arguments

  • Read through your assessment of positive and negative effects and rank the design wishes according to how important they are for the overall goals of the organisation.
  • Consider whether the design can be connected to important strategic priorities, and if funding can be found on existing budgets.

4. Talk to BGRAPHIC and receive a non-binding offer

We will give you solid advice on how to improve your design and communication and how to optimise your use of digital platforms. We aim for professional solutions that will help you strengthen your business.

You are more than welcome to contact us, if you need input to the marketing- and communication budgets: No projects are too small or too big 🙂

10 November 2017