Do you want a campaign or microsite the easy way?

At BGRAPHIC we work with all kinds of website platforms. For campaign sites and microsites, we recommend WordPress, because the platform is right in the sweet spot between simple template-based website services and the more expensive enterprise solutions.

  • 28 % of the worlds websites are run on WordPress. It is responsive, easy to install, and has a huge network of programmers, who ensures that the platform is continuously updated and improved.
  • WordPress can be extended with more than 50,000 free or low-cost plugins, which can connect the website with most of your existing systems such as CRM, Google Analytics, signup to newsletter, share buttons, and feeds with newest posts on social media.
  • Furthermore, a range of WordPress plugins makes it easy to work with SEO optimisation, identifying broken links, adding special contact formulas, appointment booking, e-commerce, etc.

Success with WordPress requires careful consideration of requirements, experience in identifying what can be solved with standard plugins and what require special programming – and the ability to create a visually pleasing design that communicate what you need.

The strength is in the simplicity

Strong campaign sites and microsites are characterised by simplicity. It is important that the design support this simplicity and fit within your or your campaign’s overall visual identity: The visitor should quickly be able to scan the information and be directed toward the “call to action” in a proper and convincing way – so you reach your goal, whether it is spreading your message, strengthening your brand or selling your product.

BGRAPHIC is experienced in designing and developing websites in WordPress. We cooperate with highly skilled programmers when needed. Together, we can create all types of websites from small and simple to content-heavy websites featuring e-commerce and other advanced functionalities.

We focus on delivering great design and a good service, so you can concentrate on creating content and following up on the success. No matter which platform you choose, we offer a complete solution, working with you from the first ideas to the launch of your next campaign site or microsite – identifying your needs, carrying out design, project management and production.

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10 November 2017