Femern A/S

How to build the world’s longest immersed tunnel

The construction of the world’s longest immersed tunnel between Denmark and Germany, the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, is well underway. It took no time at all for Denmark’s largest construction site to be established at Rødbyhavn on the island of Lolland.

Together with Femern A/S and Cadpeople, BGRAPHIC developed the animated short ‘How the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link is built’.

It’s a mammoth project. You get a sense of that when you stand in the middle of the construction site and see the giant excavators and trucks driving around. It’s a megastructure!

There will be thousands of workers on the construction site, in the tunnel factory and out at sea for many years to come. The tunnel will open in 2029. It’ll only take 10 minutes by car or 7 minutes by train to cross the Fehmarn Belt.

You can also watch the video with german speak here.

And remember to have your sound turned on and enjoyyyy  🙂