New national strategy to strengthen Denmark’s digital security

BGRAPHIC created the design of a new publication for the government. The strategy sets an ambitious direction for Denmark’s digital security, so that we’ll be better equipped to deal with the persistent threat of cyberattacks.
Denmark is the world champion in public digitalization. And digitalization is to the benefit of the Danes and a driving force in our society’s economic growth. But a high degree of digitalization brings increased vulnerability to cybercriminals, which challenges the security of authorities, companies and citizens. So it’s important that we strengthen our cyber security.
The new strategy contains 34 main initiatives with an acute focus on the protection of Denmark’s digital infrastructure and IT systems. In addition, the initiatives contribute to Denmark’s participation in the international fight against the threat of cyberattacks in the future.
A super-exciting project and it was great that we helped to create the design and infographics for such an important topic. You can download the publication here (in Danish)

10 January 2022