New exhibition for Femern A/S in Rødbyhavn

Soon, it will be possible to get close to the construction of the new Fehmarnbelt tunnel. We have just delivered a new exhibition on 180 sqm in Femern A/S’s new centre in Rødbyhavn in Denmark.

It is huge project to build a new tunnel – actually it’s the world’s longest immersed tunnel. So it you’re into mega structures, you don’t want to miss this exhibition. Of course, the exhibition won’t open for the public until corona restrictions allow it.

Looking at photos from the construction, you realize the size of the project.

The tunnel will in total be 18 kilometre long. It consists of 79 individual elements, each 217 metres long. In comparison, the pylons on the Great Belt Bridge are 254 metres. Really BIG!

When the tunnel opens in 2029, the trip through the tunnel will be 10 minutes by car and 7 minutes by train. And then you’ll be in Germany 🙂

As always, it has been great working with Femern A/S on developing, designing and setting up this exhibition. Furthermore, we have had a great teamwork with Tegnestuen Substans, the creators of the large model displaying the harbour and the tunnel elements. The model is in scale 1:700. Sodemann has produced frames and posters for us and done a great job installing it all. For more information, please check out

The television network TV2 Øst has published an article on the exhibition. Click here to read it (article in Danish).

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Enjoyyy 🙂

17 February 2021