The wage structure in public Denmark

The wage structure in public Denmark The Wage Structure Committee has just launched its main report on the wage structure and wage formation in the public sector in Denmark.

The Wage Structure Committee’s work has resulted in a comprehensive report containing key conclusions. The conclusions must consider that wages and other terms of employment in the public sector are determined by collective agreements and agreements concluded between the respective employee and employer organizations.

The committee is chaired by an independent chairman. The committee also consists of five representatives from FH, one representative from the Academics, three representatives from the public employers (Medarbejder- og Kompetencestyrelsen, KL and Danish Regions), one representative from the Danish Employers’ Association and six experts.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, BGRAPHIC has developed the design of the main report and the PowerPoint presentation, which have been used for the press conference. Part of the graphic package has been drawing icons of people from the different jobs and professions that the report highlights. A super exciting project that has been put together via our graphic approach and extensive experience with similar projects – in addition to this it is also a collaboration with the client, who is a highly skilled super user and know all corners in the programmed Word template and the newly designed and developed PowerPoint template – so the entire visual experience works well when launching the committee’s great work.

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14 June 2023