Denmark needs to be richer, greener and better skilled

The government has presented ten improvements for Denmark that are to be achieved within in a ten-year timeframe. The ten improvements are ambitious and will require continuous and radical change in society. The title of the publication is: Denmark can do more 1. The focus is on getting more people into work. Denmark must be richer, greener and better skilled. The publication is part of a series that we will come to hear more about.

BGRAPHIC developed the layout, arranged and found the photos, and managed the project in order to get the publication done on time. It’s always exciting to be part of projects that involve change and new initiatives for Denmark. The basic design is provided, but it still needs to be done and there’s always a deadline to be met. Super process – and it’s always nice when you have the smell of fresh print and the delivery carried out as agreed 😊

2 September 2021