Can we help you and your company in connection with the reopening of Denmark?

Even though the Danish society is slowly opening up again, so much is different from what it used to be.

Your company has to comply with a lot of new guidelines, for instance concerning the number of people present, distance between employees, cleaning and hygiene as well as alternative entrances to the workplace.

BGRAPHIC can help make your working days easier – while still following the recommendations of the Danish government and the Danish Health Authority. We can contribute with design, communication and printing of for instance signs, posters and other elements that through nudging create safe and correct information regarding the reopening of the Danish society and your company. Maybe tape on the floor can help maintain the correct distance between people. Maybe you need entire areas closed off. We can help each other remember all these new rules and social conventions, so we can stand together – at a distance.

We are ready to share our ideas and listen to yours! Please let us know, what your options and challenges are, and we can help come up with the best possible solutions for you.

Give us a call on +45 70 22 87 89 or send us an email at We can quickly help you and your company be ready for the reopening of Denmark 🙂

28 April 2020