What a journey… BGRAPHIC is now online with a new website

Developing your own website can be challenging in many ways. And now we’ve done it. The questions we ask clients, we had to ask ourselves – and come up with the answers! It’s sharpened our profile and has been a super-fun project.

When we develop a website, we need to explore how the company would like to be perceived, how it would like to engage with stakeholders, and last but not least, what opportunities and activities the website should provide. Should the user acquire knowledge, get good ideas, be inspired to get in touch, find contact information, make an online purchase or something completely different? In addition, it’s important to be aware that there can be many pathways. For example, after landing on a subpage through a Google search, you should be able to guide yourself easily around the website, so you get to open as many ‘doors’ as possible.

Our most important task is to help the company engage with their stakeholders in a way that can strengthen their business or organization and provide a good functional experience that encourage visitors to return. The website can serve as the focal point and platform for your entire communication. It will be your main channel to the world and your stakeholders – the digital tool that you should spend the majority of your ressources on. From here, you can share news and articles on social media as well as attract followers and subscribers to your newsletter. If that’s what you want.

Know yourself

How we want to be perceived as a company is to describe the company’s core. It’s often more difficult when we have to put words down to describe ourselves. Because we think everything is important. There’s so much to tell – we see ourselves from the inside out. But it’s about finding the right angle, or unique little story, where the company’s DNA and brand narrative are hidden. What kind of fingerprint do you want to leave? It must be communicated verbally and visually – clearly and simply – and in a way that appeals to stakeholders.

Know your target

The second dimension, which is at just as important, is to look at ourselves from the outside in. What’s important to our stakeholders? What creates delight? What are they looking for? And how should they be able to find it? The questions can be many, and the answers must be found among the target group that we have in mind.

We believe that when we look at ourselves from the outside, we’re more inclined to cut out the unnecessary, find what is essential, and on that basis develop a design and functionality that is sharp, intuitive and user-friendly – where the content is precise and suitable in scope so that the visitors have a good experience. If they find what they’re looking for, they will want to come back. Because websites are a fast medium where patience is limited, and interest can be fleeting.

Be prepared to change

A website should change constantly. New content must be added on an ongoing basis. It can be a demanding task, but it’s also a unique opportunity to continuously adapt the content to your target audience. With effective tools such as Google Analytics, that can be used to track website traffic, you get a precise picture of what’s attracting users to you. Sometimes a cleanup or revitalization is needed if there are website pages with low traffic. Or maybe they need to be removed. It all depends what type of company you are.

We leave no stone unturned

There are a many things that need to be addressed when launching a new website. Good information architecture. Beautiful and intuitive design. Precise and well-formulated content. Good, authentic and relevant photos or illustrations that are keyword optimized. Choice of CMS (Content Management System – we use WordPress). Cool menu navigation. Good and simple programming. Responsive optimization for desktop, tablet and mobile. Perhaps a video or animated company presentation, that provides a brief introduction to the company. Call-to-action buttons or banners at the bottom of the pages, so you can easily navigate to new content on the site. Don’t forget about personal data and ‘Yes thanks’ to cookies. Link to social media. Link to your newsletter. We go right across the board so that the website works effectively as part of your everyday communication.

We know it works

In recent years, we’ve seen that our website has a much broader reach than our close contacts and networks. Previously unknown customers Google us and send us inquiries. And that’s because it works. For example, with our cases, we manage to describe a project in a way that customers would like to use themselves, developed in their company brand. Design and good user experience go hand in hand with SEO and create new relationships.

Check it out

Take a look at our new website and get insight into what we do, who we are – and, of course, become tempted to work with us. We’ll pick up the phone when you call us on 70 22 87 89.

13 April 2021