Privacy and cookie policy

BGRAPHIC is a design company in Copenhagen. We create and develop graphic design for a large number of private and public companies. We often work together with clients for many years, as they appreciate our strong focus on great design, high quality and the best possible service.

In order to serve our clients in the best way possible, BGRAPHIC collects, keeps and processes personal data. Personal data is defined as any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. Personal data might be anything from publicly accessible information such as name, address and phone number, private information that the person has given BGRAPHIC voluntarily, or data that is obtained through registration of behaviour and pieces of information which can lead to the identification of a particular person.

We take the protection of your personal data very seriously: BGRAPHIC ensures the security of your confidential, personal data, including protection against unauthorised or unlawful processing. Your data will not be processed in any other way than described in this privacy and cookie policy – and as described in the Danish data protection legislation.

Responsibility and contact information

According to the Data Protection Act, BGRAPHIC ApS has the overall responsibility in ensuring that employees and business partners process your personal data in accordance with the Danish data protection legislation and this privacy and cookie policy.

Questions regarding BGRAPHIC’s privacy and cookie policy, requests concerning access to, corrections, deletion or anonymisation of your personal data, as well as objection to our way of processing your personal data can be sent in writing to BGRAPHIC at

Data processing

BGRAPHIC uses internal and external IT systems to collect, keep and process personal data. The internal systems are protected by firewall and passwords on BGRAPHIC’s own servers with continuous backup, while the external systems are cloud-based solutions with cloud-based backup.

BGRAPHIC has data processing agreements with external suppliers of IT systems to make sure that they and their subsuppliers uphold their obligations regarding European standards for data processing and protection of personal data.

BGRAPHIC as a data processor

BGRAPHIC acts as a data processor to the extent that we have to keep and process our clients’ personal data in order to serve them, as well as pass on personal data to necessary subsuppliers. When producing business cards for instance, BGRAPHIC has to keep and process names and contact information on employees, and we have to pass this information on to the printer who prints the business cards.

BGRAPHIC always aims at minimising the amount of personal data that we pass on to others, keeping it at only what is absolutely necessary. BGRAPHIC makes and updates data processing agreements with suppliers and subsuppliers when it is relevant in order to make sure that everyone acts according to our privacy policy, only acts as instructed by BGRAPHIC and in general upholds their obligations regarding Danish and European standards for data processing and protection of personal data.

Purpose of the data collection

BGRAPHIC collects, keeps and processes only personal data that is necessary for the purpose of our field of work and business, including:

  • Serving the clients of the company now and in the future.
  • Adjusting communication and marketing to clients and potential clients.
  • Ensuring adequate client intake to maintain and expand the company.
  • Keeping relevant statistics and carrying out analyses regarding optimising services, communication and marketing.
  • Maintaining the operations of the company.
  • Complying with the law, filling out contracts or other legal obligations.

BGRAPHIC outsources parts of the operations of the company, for instance accounting, based on written data processing agreements, and in that regard, we only transfer client information that is absolutely necessary for these operations.

Authority and consent to data collection and processing

According to the Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation, BGRAPHIC has in some cases authority to collect, keep and process personal data without obtaining consent, while we in other cases need voluntary, specific and informed consent from the registered persons.

If BGRAPHIC has obtained your consent, you can at any time withdraw your consent by contacting BGRAPHIC. You can read which rules apply to you and your personal data in the following:

Clients and potential clients

BGRAPHIC has to collect, keep and process contact information and other personal data on identifiable persons with the companies and private persons that we develop design solutions for. When possible, BGRAPHIC will delete or make personal data from our CRM system anonymous once we find out that employees are no longer working for a specific company.

In connection with client assignments, BGRAPHIC keeps email communication and delivered material that might contain personal data. We do this to document contracts and to offer the best possible service to our clients. Due to the statute of limitations, BGRAPHIC keeps delivered material, design solutions and design proposals for a maximum of two years after having finished working with a specific client, and we keep email communication for a maximum of five years due to the Danish accounting law.

Furthermore, BGRAPHIC may – after making an agreement with the specific client – keep delivered material, design solutions and proposals for a shorter or longer period of time after having finished working with the specific client, for instance if the client has provided us with a written permission to use design solutions and proposals as cases on our website or for other marketing purposes. Or if the client acquires backup of the delivered material, design solutions or proposals from BGRAPHIC as an extra protection and/or as evidence in possible future trials regarding copyright or ownership of trademarks.

BGRAPHIC also collects publicly accessible contact information on relevant persons with potential clients and business partners in order to potentially start working together. By contacting BGRAPHIC, it is always possible to request not to be contacted by phone and to withdraw consent to receive information and newsletters.

Employees and previous employees at BGRAPHIC

BGRAPHIC is legally obligated to keep, collect and process certain kinds of personal data from current and previous employees. The current employees have been informed personally and have given consent to BGRAPHIC using their personal data. Previous employees are welcome to contact BGRAPHIC regarding the information below concerning the rights of the registered people.

Cookies on BGRAPHIC’s website

A cookie is a smaller text file that is stored on your hard drive. It typically consists of information on the IP address on the computer, smartphone etc. that you use to visit the website, whether there have been previous visits on the website, the length of the visits, which pages have been visited and information on choice of browser, screen resolution, size etc.

The information is anonymous and is stored together with other users’ information, which means we only get a statistic overview of the use of BGRAPHIC does not have access to IP addresses, other personal data that is registered by cookies, or personal data that you have voluntarily given to suppliers of these cookies.

When you visit, you are asked whether or not you accept BGRAPHIC’s use of cookies as well as the registration of personal data this might entail.

BGRAPHIC uses the following cookies:

  • gr_boot remembers the size of your unit. The value might be: “lg”, “md”, “sm” and “xs”.
  • gr_hd remembers if your unit has an HD or Retina screen.
  • gr_cookie remembers if you have accepted our cookie policy or not.
  • gr_history remembers which content you have read so we are able to deliver the best content to you.

Furthermore, BGRAPHIC uses standard third-party cookies at in order to analyse traffic, optimize the website and target relevant information and marketing to the visitors.

  • Google Analytics is used to register and analyse traffic on IP addresses from Google Analytics are stored at Google’s servers for 26 months after your latest visit. You can prevent Google Analytics from registering your behaviour via Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. Please note, however, that is might affect the user experience on and other websites using Google Analytics.
  • Google AdWords is used to register and measure the effect of visits on that comes from advertisements sponsored by BGRAPHIC. Google AdWords cookies are valid for 30 days. You can turn off targeted advertisements from Google’s ad networks on the website Please note, however, that you will still see the same amount of ads – the difference is that the ads will now be random and not targeted specifically to you.
  • Facebook Pixel is used to target ads to relevant Facebook users as well as to measure the effect of their potential visits to Visits to are only registered by Facebook Pixel, if you are also logged on to Facebook on the same unit that you use to visit the website. You can turn off Facebook’s registration of your web activity and targeted ads via your ad preferences on Facebook.

Delete cookies?
Most internet browsers allow you to delete cookies, block cookies or ask for your accept before saving a cookie. Depending on your browser, you can find information on how to handle cookies in your browser settings.

Below are links to a guide for some of the most popular browsers:

BGRAPHIC newsletter

BGRAPHIC sends out approx. four newsletters every year, and the aim is to inspire and inform clients, business partners and other interested parties of our design solutions and ideas.

You can sign up for the BGRAPHIC newsletter in the contact formula on When you sign up, you automatically accept that BGRAPHIC keeps and processes your personal data.

BGRAPHIC only uses the email addresses for sending out newsletters via a cloud-based email platform that only a small number of employees have access to.

It is possible to unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe button which is placed at the bottom of each newsletter. It is also possible for us to delete all your personal data in our system, if you contact BGRAPHIC.

Job applications

At the moment, BGRAPHIC is not looking for any more employees. All applications for unadvertised jobs will be read, answered and deleted within six months from the date of receipt.

Limit to keeping information

BGRAPHIC aims to fulfil the demands from the Danish data protection legislation stating that we have to delete or anonymize personal data once the original purpose of the date collection is no longer relevant.

BGRAPHIC processes personal data and history from clients, business partners and others, with whom disputes might occur at a later date, until the general limitation period of three years has come to an end. For personal data that is necessary due to the Danish accounting law, we keep it for a maximum of five years.

In special circumstances and after individual assessment, BGRAPHIC might choose to keep personal data for a longer time, for instance in cases involving lack of payment, or if a case is part of a larger design solution and process, and we have an agreement with the client about keeping and processing the material for a longer period of time.

Your rights as registered with us

You have the right to gain access to your personal data, and have faulty personal data corrected or deleted. And you have the right to make an objection to the way BGRAPHIC processes personal data by writing to BGRAPHIC and submitting relevant documentation of your identity:

  • At any time, you have the right to contact BGRAPHIC and request information on the data we have on you, where we have received the data, and how we use it. You also have the right to know how long BGRAPHIC will keep and process your personal data, and who has access to the data if BGRAPHIC uses data processors in Denmark or in other countries. Access might, however, be limited in order to protect other people’s personal data, trade secrets or immaterial rights.
  • If you believe that the personal data that we keep on you is faulty, you have the right to have the data corrected. Please contact BGRAPHIC with a description of the fault and how you want it corrected.
  • I some coincidences, BGRAPHIC might be obligated to delete or anonymize your personal data, for instance if you withdraw your consent. If you no longer believe that your data is necessary for the purpose that BGRAPHIC collected the data in the first place, you can ask to have the data deleted or anonymized. You can also contact BGRAPHIC, if you believe your personal data is being processed in a way that does not abide by the law.

When you make a request to have your personal data corrected, deleted or anonymized, BGRAPHIC will make sure your request does not go against any other legal obligations, how it is possible to make the changes you request and make changes, delete or anonymize as quickly as possible.

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