HJORTHs Badehotel

User-friendly and intuitive web design

The seaside hotel is from 1890, and the hotel vision is to make the roots stand out more – to lead the hotel back to its original seaside hotel identity.

The website is a more detailed business card. People visiting the website should be able to imagine how a visit to the hotel will be. And it has to be easy to book your stays online. The website is created in both Danish and English, as many guests are from other countries. The site is very image carried in order to focus on the feeling at the hotel and the nature surrounding the hotel, and the colours at the website are in maritime and nature-based colours. Developing the structure of the website, we have created an Instagram feed and news at the front page, which ensures that the website is updated frequently. This strengthens the impression for visitors – they will see a dynamic hotel. Furthermore, Google will give the website a higher ranking in Google searches.

Visuel identitet og webdesign for HJORTHs Badehotel
Menu på website for HJORTHs Badehotel
Webdesign for HJORTHs Badehotel
Stemningsbilleder fra HJORTHs Badehotel
Respontivt webdesign på tablet for HJORTHs Badehotel