BLS Invest / BLS Capital

Two new websites for investor companies

BLS Invest and the stockbroking company BLS Capital have new websites. BGRAPHIC provided design and programming for them both. The design is connected to the companies’ brands and digital tools, so now their PowerPoint presentations and websites are beautifully aligned with the printed communication.

BLS only invests in companies that it considers to be of high quality and have an unsurpassed ability to create long-term, sustainable value for investors.

It’s been an exciting process to develop two websites that complement each other nicely – both visually and in terms of content – and are well SEO-optimized, responsive and user-friendly. BLS Capital works with international relations, so an English version of the website has been created. BLS Invest is targeted at Danish investors, where you can invest in Danish and global shares.

You can check out the two websites at and