BGRAPHIC has become a reality

For many years, I have been a company within a company in the places I have worked. I have spent six years with Bysted in Hellerup and before that ten years with Jørn Moesgård Grafisk Tegnestue in Århus – which is also the place I served my apprenticeship. Now it is time to set up house for myself.

I look forward to new challenges, and it is going to be interesting to be by myself. Everyone will be able to book me – both clients directly and also design companies, who need the helping hand of a freelance designer.

The company name BGRAPHIC came to me in the shower one day: B for BIRGITTE and for the word ‘be’ in English. Be graphic – that’s the way it is, and that is how I think. Graphics are in everything we do – you and I – both as a company and in our communication. The graphic carries the logic, increases the user-friendliness and the understanding – when it works. And my belief is that is has to work. And you have to be able to explain why it looks the way it does.

I hope you will all give my new company BGRAPHIC a warm welcome.

1 October 2000 – this is the day when new things happen in my life.

1 October 2000